Christmas in Angeles

Why the Philippines offers the best opportunities for single travelers ?
The Philippines offers a traditional amusement for gentlemen which was probably created during the spain occupation. The biggest center of go-go bars and nightlfe action is Angeles. The nightclubs were growing around the american military bases, because of the GI's addiction for pleasure. After the departure of the Americans a small bar scene still exist. You feel that this nightlife was created through young men which were far from their homes. I don't want to rate the moral correction of this bar scene, because I don't want to judge about the needs of young soldiers. You may stay a night there on your way to the nothern parts of Luzon. If you have the possibility to visit this place without your wife...Oh my God what for a fun awaits you ! The pictures below were taken in Angles during the last Christmas. Our cook was lonely during the last Christmas and had shoot this pictures below. I think the pictures below say more the thousand words.

Why it's so much exciting to visit the Philippines ?
The endless coastlines are quiet and free from the boring all inclusive tourism industry. Most of the island population lives very traditional.

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Here some tips from our cook:
Some places you must visit:
The nightclub ILLUSIONS with the funniest dancer Rosalie I have ever seen.

Never miss a special show at NEROS FORUM, because the girls are cute, the costumes are nice, the beer is cold and the atmosphere is like a carnival.

LASH was a very hot place for insiders, but it's closed now. You may ask me why ? l remember two girls, which used to work always together. This two girls did the most professional service I have ever had. I was completely surprised as they started to lick alternate over my face after I had entered this bar and were sitting down just for a minute. We had a lot of hot action straight away inside the bar. It seemed that they had enjoyed the fumbling a lot when I run out of the bar and let them alone with red faces and hammering hearts. Today I hate myself that I did not barfined both of them, but I guess I was to young at this time and they were to much sexuell experienced for me. I believe there are many girls like this two in town, but it is a big luck to get such a service straight away for the cost of some ladydrinks. A great experience and much more than all what you would expect to get from a prostitute in Germany. Drop me a line if you find a bar with such great bar-girls. Now I'm in the right age for this kind of action.

One of the best nightclubs is LABAMBA. This place is always packed over and over. Inside predominate a party atmosphere.

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